Designer to Know: Yvonne Léon

Designer to Know: Yvonne Léon

Yvonne Léon is a Paris-based jewellery designer who takes inspiration from flea markets and museums. She offers a unique vision of jewellery that combines classic and modern elements. She often takes the liberty of breaking the design rules, which has resonated with women who appreciate her pieces for self-care, bliss, or fun.

Yvonne Léon is known for her use of colour gemstones and enamel in her jewellery designs and her playful and unpredictable style. Her designs include a variety of beautiful and unique pieces that are perfect for any occasion. Her most iconic designs include Yvonne Leon rings, available in various colours and styles.

We believe Yvonne Léon is the Eiffel Tower's, true darling. Her approach to fine jewellery design is distinctly French, from the decadent aesthetic to the beauty of old-world craftsmanship. She is famous for the 'Dessous d'oreille' earring, but she has also designed many other stunning pieces, such as bold signet rings and pendant necklaces. We love how she adds a refreshing dash of colour with enamel pieces from her latest collection.

Knowing Yvonne Leon will be a great experience for anyone who loves trends and jewellery.

Where to Buy Lauren Yvonne Léon

You can purchase Yvonne Leon's designs from high-end retailers such as Net-a-Porter and

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