Discover the Latest Gems: Cartier's Best New Ladies Watches Unveiled at Watches and Wonders 2023

Discover the Latest Gems: Cartier's Best New Ladies Watches Unveiled at Watches and Wonders 2023


Cartier's unique approach to time has set it apart from conventional portrayals of time as a linear concept. According to Cartier, time is cyclical, and this philosophy has driven Maison's continuous transformation and reinvention, leading them into an ever-evolving future.

This perspective is reflected in Cartier's latest watch collections, which are full of character and form. Through the prism of creativity, Cartier revisits and transforms these watches, creating something entirely new and unique.

For anyone who values Cartier's artistry and innovation in watchmaking, these new ladies' collections are not to be missed. They are a testament to Maison's unwavering commitment to excellence and its ability to stay ahead of the curve, even as the world around us changes.


The Clash limited watch by Cartier is a stunning representation of the brand's unique blend of finesse and power. Its elegant mechanism and intricate design make it a true work of art that showcases Maison's creativity and precision.

The Clash de Cartier codes are seamlessly intertwined, creating a beautiful jewellery watch that is both bold and delicate. Its geometry is consistent with the Maison's style, featuring faceted corners, bevelled dials, and round and square elements. The design is counterbalanced by Cartier's graphic precision, creating a softness that is felt against the skin.

The watch's ambition is to create perspective and structure, seen in the form of its links and the mini case with its sixteen-faceted cut glass. The legacy of Jeanne Toussaint is evident in the glittering collisions between preciousness and industrial aesthetics, a natural link between the past and present.

Chromatic contrasts emphasize the geometric motifs, with brushed and satin-finish gold alternating and a new shade of shimmering violet developed exclusively for Cartier. The watch is available in diamond-paved yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold, as well as exceptional pieces with stones that enhance the design in black and white with onyx, black spinels, obsidian, and diamonds, or in different colours with coral, black spinels, chrysoprase, tsavorites, and diamonds.


Cartier has released a new jewellery watch that pays homage to the iconic panther that has become synonymous with the brand. The panther, with its fierce and wild character, now adorns the dial of the watch, with its jaws boldly closing on a black lacquer surface, mirroring the panther's famous spots.

This latest addition to the La Panthère collection is a masterful display of jewellery-making expertise, with hand finishing, lacquered and polished spots, and setting, all contributing to the watch's elegance and beauty. The watch's sculptural panther head is designed in three dimensions, with a rigorous approach to the design that is a direct descendant of the geometric cut-outs and sharp angles of the jewellery pieces launched in 2005.

The bracelet of the watch is equally impressive, developed by the creation studios and the Manufacture. It is fully articulated and extremely flexible, with no visible hinges and equipped with an ingenious system that hugs the wearer as closely as possible, making it magnetic and seamless.

The watch comes in yellow or rose gold speckled with black lacquer, with tsavorite eyes, or in diamond-paved white gold with emerald eyes. It is a captivating and mesmerizing timepiece that is sure to capture the attention and admiration of all who see it.


Since its inception in 1912, the Baignoire watch has undergone various transformations, yet it remains unique every time, embodying the infinite possibilities that Cartier can conceive. This year, the brand has introduced a new iteration of the watch that features a change in scale and function. The dial and its signature Roman numerals are now adorned with a lavish gold ribbon that adds a touch of sophistication to the design.

Cartier has reimagined the watch's oval shape and incorporated it into a bezel, which sits snugly on the wrist, creating a hybrid piece of jewellery that doubles as a timepiece. The new design emphasizes the watch's sensual character, and its curved case ensures maximum comfort. The Baignoire watch is now available in rose gold, yellow gold, or fully paved versions, and it celebrates the bright, sunlit gold of the very first watch.

This alternative expression of the Baignoire's singularity is just as accurate as the previous designs. It is more couture and refined, yet it still embodies the essence of Cartier's design philosophy. The watch has remained true to its roots while evolving with the times, proving that change can be embraced while still staying true to oneself.

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