Green Watches are the Next Big Thing

Green Watches are the Next Big Thing

Green watches are coming in hot, and they are just getting warmed up! These green face watches are different from your typical silhouette. They have a strikingly different allure that is definitely going to be noticed when you get out there. Green is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of sleekness. However, it has a bold essence that is augmented with nature-inspired undertones.

Trends in Green Watches

All Shades are On the Go

Green is on trend in all shades and is here to stay. Whether you are looking for Artichoke, Evergreen, Forest Green or are drawn to Bottega Veneta Green colour, the allure of green dials keeps the innovative among us looking for them and showcasing them to the world.

When these attributes are combined with meticulously-designed dial pieces, you get eye-catching, unique, high-quality watches that make a statement.

The Brands are Re-imagining the Dials

One brand that has re-imagined the colour of its dials is the green Rolex watch. These watch brands reimagined the trend and introduced classic models in green. They come in various designs and accents, but all feature a green face matched with chrome and other high-quality materials.

Green Does not Just Mean the Face Only

You can either go for a green face watch or just pick a green strap. Like the faces, the straps come in various shades of green and work with most sleek timepieces. You can always change the straps to the green hue you like most or rotate across several hues.

Are you ready to join the trend? The colour is here to stay. From shade du jour to evergreen and everything between, you can rock the fantastic dials and match the trend. Please find our curated selection of green dial ladies' watches below and pick the one that best describes your green dreams.

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