Repossi Antifer Ring

The Repossi Antifer Ring: A statement piece

Repossi is a renowned jewellery house, established in the 1940s by Gaia Repossi's great-grandfather. The brand has become known for its modern and striking designs, which Gaia still produces in the same workshop as her ancestor. The Repossi Antifer ring is an iconic piece of jewellery inspired by Normandy’s breathtaking cliffs. Designed to look like separately stacked bands, the Repossi Antifer ring creates a strong peak as well as an asymmetrical rhythm that suggests a cliff-like structure. It is this unique design that has made Repossi Antifer rings so popular. The ring is a stunning display of architectural design, featuring an unexpected juxtaposition of curves, volumes and sharp angles.

Unlike many diamond-focused pieces, these rings bring glamour to the table while taking subtle cues from the architecture. As Repossi herself puts it, her Antifer rings are "very elegant and balanced," with a charisma that is best described as quiet yet chic. With its sharp angles, curves and volumes, the Repossi Antifer ring perfectly embodies her design aesthetic.

How to wear?

The Repossi Antifer ring is an ideal piece to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any outfit. Wearing the ring as a statement piece or stacking it with other pieces, such as bracelets or necklaces, can create an array of looks that will stand out in any crowd. Also, Repossi Antifer Rings make a great alternative to traditional wedding bands. Our favourite option is the Antifer Heart Ring, which is one of the bestsellers of the collection.

Where to buy Repossi Antifer Ring?

Repossi Antifer rings can be purchased from the official website,, or at selected retailers around the world, such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Selfridges. You can also find a range of pieces from the collection on stockists like Farfetch.

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