Spinelli Kilcollin Rings

Spinelli Kilcollin Rings: The Must-Have Statement Piece

The world of jewellery is constantly evolving, and so too, are the pieces we choose to adorn ourselves with. From delicate stacking rings to statement collars and contemporary cuffs, there's something for everyone in the world of fine jewellery. One such label that has taken the world by storm is Spinelli Kilcollin.

The Origin of Spinelli Kilcollin

In 2010, Los Angeles-based designers Yves Spinelli and Dwyer Kilcollin set out to create a new type of jewellery. The two were inspired by the idea of combining their two distinct styles – Yves's modern and minimalistic aesthetic and Dwyer's classic yet daring design – to create something uniquely their own. The idea for Spinelli Kilcollin was born from this, and soon after, the two released their first collection of stacked rings.

Evolution of the Rings

Since its launch, the label has constantly been evolving, with pieces ranging from youthful to sophisticated and edgy to elegant. The brand's signature look is its stacked rings, which come in various metals, stones, and connectors. These pieces boast an undeniable fluidity that fuses masculine and feminine energy, creating a unique look that is unmistakably Spinelli Kilcollin.

Spinelli Kilcollin celebrities and bloggers like Chiara Ferragni and Emily Ratakowski have been spotted donning their pieces. This has only furthered the label's reach, with many seeking their signature look.

How to wear Spinelli Kilcollin Rings

The best part about the Spinelli Kilcollin rings is that they can be worn in various ways. Whether you choose to wear them stacked on one finger or spread out across multiple fingers, the possibilities are endless. Be mindful of the Spinelli Kilcollin ring dupe, as these are not genuine pieces and may not hold the same quality. For a similar look, opt for the Spinelli Kilcollin Sonny ring, a great alternative for those looking for the same look without breaking the bank.

Where to buy it

With such a wide range of pieces, it's no wonder Spinelli Kilcollin rings are becoming increasingly popular. You can find them online at Farfetch, MyTheresa, Harrods, and Net-a-Porter, to name a few. If you're looking for something more customised, Spinelli Kilcollin offers the option to customise the rings – you can choose from stones, metals, and annulets.

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